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Re: [Libguestfs] Virtio-win RPM?

I was looking this thread over and for anyone who stumbles across this
via google or other search engine:

> We don't have an RPM for Fedora.  It wouldn't be possible to add this
> to Fedora right now since we cannot yet cross-compile it from source
> using a completely Free toolchain.  
> The latest virtio-win ISO images are here:
> http://archive.fedoraproject.org/pub/alt/virtio-win/

Note that for V2V and P2V migrations, the virtio-win ISO is not enough.
The RHEL virtio-win RPM includes the ISO plus unpacked copies of the
drivers for various Windows versions in /usr/share/virtio-win/drivers...
You need these unpacked drivers at the end of a P2V or V2V so the
process can insert them into the new VM.  P2V and V2V migrations will
fail without it.  The RHEL virtio-win RPM installs just fine in Fedora;
I hope Fedora will find a way to officially include it soon.  

- Greg

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