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[Libguestfs] [PATCH 0/8] Add MD inspection support to libguestfs

This series fixes inspection in the case that fstab contains references to md
devices. I've made a few changes since the previous posting, which I've
summarised below.

[PATCH 1/8] build: Create an MD variant of the dummy Fedora image
I've double checked that no timestamp is required in the Makefile. The script
will not run a second time to build fedora-md2.img.

[PATCH 2/8] build: Nothing under images/ should be translated

[PATCH 3/8] NFC: Declare and use variables on the same line in
[PATCH 4/8] md: Inspect MD devices
I separated this, as it's potentially independently useful. I've also split out
the NFs as requested.

[PATCH 5/8] NFC: Consolidate the error path in check_fstab in
[PATCH 6/8] NFC: Allow multiple config files in inspect_with_augeas
[PATCH 7/8] inspection: Handle MD devices in fstab
* Split out the NFCs
* Changed warning() to debug() in all cases
* Following the pattern of other code, I have:
  * Not called error() when failure is due to the error return of a guestfs api
  * Explicitly called g->abort_cb() for malloc failures, consistent with the safe_ functions
There are no other failure paths in the code.

[PATCH 8/8] inspection: Add a test for MD device mapping in fstab

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