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Re: [Libguestfs] P2Vs seem to require a very robust Ethernet

We've had one successful P2V with a test XP workstation and several
failures with a Windows 2003 Server.  Both P2Vs use an old Storagetek
NAS for NFS storage for the RHEV Export domain.  Both use my bleeding
edge 64 bit Fedora 16 RHEV VM as a migration server.  Both boot from the
exact same same P2V CD that we built a few days ago.  

So what's different between the successful source XP workstation and the
failing source 2003 server?  

The failing source 2003 server is an HP Proliant ML110 with 2 hard
drives. I wonder what that ML110 uses for disk controller?  Probably one
of those low end HP fakeRAID controllers - or they might just be plain
old fashioned SATA drives.  The successful source XP workstation only
has one hard drive.  Are there any known P2V issues migrating source
machines with multiple hard drives?  What if the source server copied
the first hard drive but then blew up trying to start the 2nd hard
drive?  See below for the only footprints I can find for any diagnostic

This one is maddening because it runs for several hours and then decides
to go belly up, leaving very little diagnostic info behind. 

We've been chasing network issues - but maybe the network and
infrastruture is fine and something is going on with the source server.
How do we check this?

- Greg

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Trying that same P2V again, this time with everything connected to a
brand new HP Procurve 2910al-48G.  All NICs on my hosts now show up at
1000 Gb now and this P2V still failed, this time after running 5 hours.
The source server is an aging HP Proliant ML110 running Windows 2003 (I
think).  The conversion server is a 64 bit Fedora VM running in a RHEV
environment.  The RHEV Export domain lives in an older Storagetek NAS.  

For the next troubleshooting step, we'll brew up another NFS server from
somewhere and eliminate the Storagetek.  

Here is an extract from /var/log/messages.  

[root Fedora16-64P2V log]# grep p2v-server messages
(Older unrelated messages removed)
Nov 23 14:55:59 Fedora16-64P2V virt-v2v[3452]: p2v-server started.
Nov 23 20:04:29 Fedora16-64P2V virt-v2v[3452]: WARNING: Error messages
were written to /var/log/virt-p2v-server.1322081759.log.
Nov 23 20:04:29 Fedora16-64P2V virt-v2v[3452]: p2v-server exited.
[root Fedora16-64P2V log]#

And here is the trace log file from virt-p2v-server:

[root Fedora16-64P2V log]# more virt-p2v-server.1322081759.log
virt-v2v: Error receiving data:

[root Fedora16-64P2V log]#

- Greg

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