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[Libguestfs] [PATCH 0/7] Add tar compress, numericowner, excludes flags.


This patch series adds various optional arguments to the tar-in and
tar-out commands.

Firstly (1/7) an optional "compress" flag is added to select
compression.  This makes the calls tgz-in/tgz-out/txz-in/txz-out
deprecated, and expands the range of compression types available.

Secondly (2/7) we add an optional numericowner boolean to tar-out,
which generates numeric UIDs/GIDs in the resulting tar file.

The remaining patches allow us to encode the '--exclude=PATTERN'
argument to tar.  We add an OStringList type to the generator for
passing optional lists of strings.  Then we modify tar-out so that
this can be translated into zero or more '--exclude' arguments to tar.

Note that OStringList is not yet implemented for GObject bindings.


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