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[Libguestfs] [PATCH 0/4] Add hivex APIs into the libguestfs API (RHBZ#852394)

This adds most of the hivex APIs directly to the libguestfs API, so
that you can read and write Windows Registry hive files from
libguestfs without needing to download and upload hive files from the

This is analogous to how Augeas APIs are exposed already

Also, inspection is now done using the new APIs, which fixes the
following bug:

"libguestfs inspection limits registries to 100 MiB"

I tested this by:

(a) Running virt-inspector before and after over a set of test Windows
guests.  There was no difference in the output.

(b) Running 'make check' and 'make extra-tests'.  These tests are
still running.  If they succeed (particularly extra-tests which uses
valgrind) then that should give us high confidence there are no memory


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