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[Libguestfs] 答复: Re: compile libguestfs 1.19.35

i yum install V1.18.6 on Fedora 17, and then compiled libguestfs 1.19.35 from source on 
the same machine, although the installing is error, the local guestfs version has been changed to
1.19.35,and i can execute [--firstboot] command,so your guess is right。 
next monday, i  will test as you say, thank you for your patient help

发件人: Richard W.M. Jones [rjones redhat com]
发送时间: 2012年8月31日 19:07
收件人: tao zhou neusoft com
Cc: gaowanlong cn fujitsu com; libguestfs
主题: Re: Re: [Libguestfs] compile libguestfs 1.19.35

Maybe you compiled libguestfs locally and are running virt-sysprep
from the local directory?  In that can you have to use the ./run
script, ie:

  ./run ./sysprep/virt-sysprep [..]

The README file covers this.


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