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[Libguestfs] febootstrap and download packages

Something that i would like to have, is the ability to keep the
download packages in a temp directory when using febootstrap.

I understand that using ferora/archlinux (distros with a lot of
package updates every day) can increase the size of this temp
directory rapidly and at some point will have a lot of deprecate

But the daily use of febootstrap (or building libguestfs) makes your
network suffer for downloading the same packages again and again. For
build libguestfs on archlinux is an amount of 140Mb.

On my machine i've found two solutions:
a. creating a custom local repo and move it to the top of my
pacman.conf, so it would access this local repo without the need of
b. hacking a febootstrap_pacman.ml to use /tmp/cachedir (or a dir on my home).

Do you believe that a parameter like "--save-temp" eg. "--save-pkgs"
could matter ?

Evaggelos Balaskas - Unix System Engineer

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