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[Libguestfs] Need DETAILED help using p2v

This is something I want to do over my holiday vacation to continue to broaden my skills.

I am experimenting (learning) about moving a Win7 physical drive to a VM under my CSB.  I'm struggling a little on the steps when using our RH documentation (perhaps it is clear if you are an RHCE but it isn't to someone trying to learn from it initially combined with Google searches) so asking if anyone has any one-off how to scripts for this scenario?  The two drives (Win7 and CSB) are two different hard drives both bootable on my laptop so it should be simple but...

I have been pointed to several existing pages that are all written for the EXPERIENCED RHCE but not for the novice.  Appreciate any assistance you can provide.

Thanks, Bob

Bob "B2" Buckley
Sr. Storage Solutions Architect,

Intelligence & National Security

719.330.9329 (Mobile), 571.421.8160 (Office)

bbuckley redhat com

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