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[Libguestfs] "ext2: parent directory not found" with Ubuntu 12.04

Hi all,
On the most libguestfs commands (guestfish, virt-*), I have always the
same message:

"febootstrap-supermin-helper: ext2: parent directory not found: /lib:
File not found by ext2_lookup"

I'm aware of a similar bug with the old package [1]:

"Note on febootstrap (may not be directly related to this bug):
You need 3.14 to work around that. I would recommend using at least 3.14.

Furthermore, febootstrap <= 3.14 reveals a bug in e2fsprogs, which
needs to be worked around with another patch:


But I use last packages of Seabios / libguestfs-bin which contain all
the patchs.

Any hint?


[1] https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libguestfs/+bug/930634

Sebastien Douche <sdouche gmail com>
Twitter: @sdouche / G+: +sdouche

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