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Re: [Libguestfs] libguestfs 1.18.11 build error

I 've just figured this out.

glibc creates  a symbolic link for /lib:  lib -> usr/lib
so yes this is a file (a symbolic link)

ntfs3g creates an empty /lib directory !

The problem exist in ntfs-3g source code in this

configure.ac : rootlibdir="/lib${libdir##*/lib}"

after configuring libntfs-3g
i can see this:

Makefile:rootlibdir = /lib

pacman (archlinux's package manager) doesnt care about the dir /lib
cause have already installed /lib symbolic link to usr/lib

I am guessing that the below lines from febootstrap source code

113       else if (ft1.ft_dir || ft2.ft_dir) && (not (ft1.ft_dir &&
ft2.ft_dir)) then (
114         eprintf "febootstrap: error: %s appears as both directory
and ordinary file (%s, %s)\n"
115           name1 pkg1 pkg2;
116         exit 1

have a valid reason to exist and checks for this issues.

in fedora ntfs-3g spec file the /lib under %files doesnt exist.

I'll make some changes to ntfs-3g PKGBUILD and suggest the patch to
archlinux community.

Rich, thanks again for the help.

Evaggelos Balaskas - Unix System Engineer

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