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[Libguestfs] guestfish hang when exec command.

I have some issues with libguestfs. I download the libguestfs-0.18.3 source code and read the README file.
it requested qemu >= 0.13, my qemu version is qemu-1.0.1
requested kernel version >= 2.6.34, my kernel version is 3.1.4
the most of requirement for compiling I reached. but I completed compiltion and executed command.
the guestfish hang there.
the following was my operating steps:
tar -Jxvf appliance-<VERSION>.tar.xz
Then copy all four files:

* kernel
* initrd
* root
* README.fixed

into a directory somewhere, eg. /usr/local/lib/guestfs/appliance/

Then build libguestfs (>= 1.16.7 or >= 1.17.10) from source, disabling
the normal appliance and daemon:

 ./configure --disable-appliance --disable-daemon
 make install
Set LIBGUESTFS_PATH to the path where you unpacked these files, eg:

export LIBGUESTFS_PATH=/usr/local/lib/guestfs/appliance/
then executed command:
virt-copy-out -d GuestName 'win:c:\windows\system32\config' .
the command hang here.
Is there something going wrong? give me some help, thanks!



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