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[Libguestfs] Problem with supermin & zypper


During compilation of guestfs I get the following error:

supermin -v -o supermin.d --names augeas-libs btrfs-progs cryptsetup cryptsetup-luks e2fsprogs e4fsprogs genisoimage gfs-utils gfs2-utils grub hfsplus-tools hivex iproute iputils kernel libcap libldm MAKEDEV nilfs-utils ntfsprogs ntfs-3g openssh-clients pcre reiserfs-utils libselinux syslinux-extlinux systemd vim-minimal xz yajl zfs-fuse acl attr bash binutils bzip2 coreutils cpio diffutils dosfstools file findutils gawk gdisk grep gzip jfsutils kmod less libxml2 lsof lsscsi lvm2 lzop mdadm module-init-tools parted procps procps-ng psmisc rsync scrub sed strace syslinux tar udev util-linux util-linux-ng xfsprogs zerofree --exclude ^perl --exclude ^python --exclude ^plymouth --exclude ^linux-firmware --exclude ^kbd-misc --exclude ^kernel --exclude ^fedora-logos --exclude ^redhat-logos --exclude ^dracut
supermin 4.1.1
supermin: could not detect package manager used by this system or distro.

If this is a new Linux distro, or not Linux, or a Linux distro that uses
an unusual packaging format then you may need to port supermin.  If
you are expecting that supermin should work on this system or distro
then it may be that the package detection code is not working.
make[2]: *** [stamp-supermin] Error 1

Now, I installed supermin from git. During configuration it discovered zypper:

checking for zypper... zypper
checking for yum... no
checking for rpm... rpm
checking for yumdownloader... no
checking for aptitude... no
checking for apt-cache... apt-cache
checking for dpkg... no
checking if apt-cache depends --recurse is broken... yes
checking for pacman... no

I have the following file:

> cat /etc/SuSE-release
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 (x86_64)

What am I missing here ?
Why do I get this error ?



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