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Re: [Libguestfs] libguestfs support snapshot based virutal disk analysis?

(Sorry, Rich, I managed to miss reply-all.)

These VMDK files are difference files from a baseline VMDK file.

I'm not familiar with ESX's storage, but the size indicators on these tell me they aren't raw.  For a virtual disk that has 3.2GB of data in its current state, against 3.0GB of data in its baseline, the current state's .vmdk file is 200MB.


On Mon, Jun 10, 2013 at 6:11 AM, Richard W.M. Jones <rjones redhat com> wrote:
On Sun, Jun 09, 2013 at 05:49:44PM -0400, Alexander Nelson wrote:
> I've used QEMU to read .vmdk snapshots.  The VM directory layout in my case
> (Fusion, and I've seen Workstation do the same) created a .vmdk file per
> snapshot, and qemu-img could use that .vmdk file and the base .vmdk to
> convert the disk image to a raw image. IIRC there is a manifest file that
> ties .vmdk files to the snapshot they represent.
> So, from my experience, qemu does read disk snapshots in the .vmdk
> format. It might need a little extending to also look for and parse that
> manifest file, to treat a directory with .vmdk's as a snapshot tree.

Are these real VMDK files, or do you mean the "vmdk" files which
are really raw that ESX produces?

TBH I don't know a lot about the VDMK format, except that the
specifications are intimidating.


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