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[Libvir] Re: Virtual CPU functions

I've tried to illustrate an exemple of virDomainGetVcpus API with a 2 dimensional cpumaps array. If you are agree with this, I can modify the patch of Michel Ponceau in this sense before the end of this week.

I've proposed the virDomainGetCpus API to be in accordance with the virDomainPinVcpu which is per vpcu and not per domain as virDomainGetVcpus API. The virDomainPinVcpu API is'nt symmetrical with virDomainGetVcpus and must be called N times to perform the CPU mapping of a domain which isn't very satisfying. Another complaint against the virDomainPinVcpu versus virDomainGetVcpus API is that the cpumap parameter hasn't the same meaning in these two APIs. This point requires to duplicate macro for bit manipulations on these maps.

Philippe Berthault

virConnectPtr pConn;
virDomainPtr pDomain;
virNodeInfo nodeInfo;
virDomainInfo domInfo;
virVcpuInfoPtr pVcpuInfos;
int nbPhysCpus;
unsigned char *cpuMaps[]; /* 1st dimension = per virtual cpu, 2nd dimension = per physical cpu */
int oneCpuMapLen;
int vcpu, cpu;

#define CPU_USABLE(maps,vcpu,cpu) (maps[vcpu][((cpu) / 8)] & (1 >> ((cpu) % 8)))

virNodeGetInfo(pConn, &nodeInfo);

nbPhysCpus = nodeInfo.cpus;
/* ? or ? */
nbPhysCpus = nodeInfo.nodes * nodeInfo.sockets * nodeInfo.cores * nodeInfo.threads;

virDomainGetInfo(pDomain, &domInfo);
pVcpuInfos = malloc(sizeof(virVcpuInfo)*domInfo.nrVirtCpu);

oneCpuMapLen = (nbPhysCpus + 7) / 8;
cpuMaps = calloc(domInfo.nrVirtCpu, oneCpuMapLen);

virDomainGetVcpus(pDomain, pVcpuInfos, domInfo.nrVirtCpu, cpuMaps, oneCpuMapLen);
for (vcpu = 0; vcpu < domInfo.nrVirtCpu; vcpu++) {
   for (cpu = 0; cpu < nbPhysCpus; cpu++) {
       int byteCpu = cpu / 8;
       int bitCpu = cpu % 8;
int mask = 1 >> bitCpu; /* lowest CPU number is least significant bit as M.Ponceau said */
       int cpuUsable = cpuMaps[vcpu][byteCpu] & mask;
       /* or */
       int cpuUsable = CPU_USABLE(cpuMaps, vcpu, cpu);
       if (cpuUsable) {
printf("The physical cpu #%d is usable by virtual cpu #%d of domain #%s\n",
                  cpu, vcpu, virDomainGetName(pDomain));

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