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Re: [Libvir] ruby bindings

On Tue, Jan 03, 2006 at 07:33:57PM -0500, Fraser Campbell wrote:
 Hi !

> Is there any chance you are considering the addition of ruby bindings 
> for libvir?

  yes, why not. 

> I have been considering writing my own ruby wrappers around Xen's 
> lowlevel libraries but if libvir is a higher-level more stable API 
> perhaps it would make more sense for me to wrap around libvir.  If you 
> are not working on ruby bindings I will do so myself and eventually 
> provide patches.

  I now provide python bindings, I see no problem providing ruby ones
too, I expect those to be activated by configure flags and detection
of the available runtime.
  In general (i.e. other projects) I think I'm known to say "I take patches"
quite often, I don't see why I would change this with libvir :-)

> Are you in a position to state yet whether libvir is likely to be 
> continually developed and a key part of the Fedora/RHEL virtualization?

  Positively yes, we want to ship libvir in RHEL, and of course Fedora too.

> I immediately see some missing functionality (migration), I assume the 
> eventual goal is to support all features of Xen and that it is just 
> missing because of the very young state of the project?

  yes, also because the methodology of control of the Xen engine was unclear
but as Anthony Liquori pointed out it is possible to do this via the HTTP 
access to xend. Another point is that I would like libvir to be potentially
available for other emulation technologies, but I don't think we should limit
to a strict subset.

  Sounds good ?


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