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Re: [Libvir] ruby bindings

Daniel Veillard wrote:

I have been considering writing my own ruby wrappers around Xen's lowlevel libraries but if libvir is a higher-level more stable API perhaps it would make more sense for me to wrap around libvir. If you are not working on ruby bindings I will do so myself and eventually provide patches.

  I now provide python bindings, I see no problem providing ruby ones
too, I expect those to be activated by configure flags and detection
of the available runtime.
  In general (i.e. other projects) I think I'm known to say "I take patches"
quite often, I don't see why I would change this with libvir :-)

Is libvir-api.xml a standard document type? Mainly I'm wondering if there might be an existing code generator (similar to your generator.py) that would output C code appropriate for building the ruby extension.


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