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[Libvir] Persistent Configurations?


Thought I'd try to start up a discussion on a topic that I know I've discussed a lot with people in the past.

Xend currently stores its configurations in python files somewhere on the file system (usually in /etc/xen). This is problematic from a management tool perspective because the python files may contain arbitrary python code (requiring a python interpreter to read) and there's no central location which makes enumerating possible domains quite difficult.

If you think about a typical use-case (or at least, my typical use-case :-)), a user is likely to have a larger number of domains than what are running (say a domain for a bunch of different distros for testing). It would be nice if any management tools could see those domains and easily start them up.

I think we could achieve this with the following requirements:

1) Allow domain creation based on an opaque configuration object
2) Allow storing and retrieval of these configuration objects from the XenStore (using a user-specified path)

I think this isolates the state well enough that it leaves the majority of the library stateless. Just some random thoughts...


Anthony Liguori

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