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Re: [Libvir] virDomainKernelPtr

On Wed, Mar 01, 2006 at 09:42:28PM -0500, Bryan D. Payne wrote:
> I noticed that there's a struct virDomainKernel in libvirt.h, but  
> there aren't any functions that populate the struct yet.  Could  
> anyone comment on how close such a function is to becoming  
> available.  If it's underway, great :-)  Otherwise, would the  
> developers be interested in someone else working on a patch?

  Hi, sorry for replying a bit late, I'm at a conference.
Yes the data structure is there but it's not used. Do we really
need a function to fill stuch a structure ? It sounds a bit 
redundant with what virDomainGetXMLDesc() will return, with the
additional caveat that if you access a different kind of virtualization
engine (like QEmu) or not running a Linux/Unix system this won't  
make any sense either.
  Let's say it's a remain of thinking out loud with the fingers and 
whould actually be removed from the header file instead.

  Otherwise in general I'm rather happy to receive patches :-)


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