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Re: [Libvir] autogen.sh error

On Thu, Mar 09, 2006 at 11:12:45AM +0100, Ronald Aigner wrote:
> Hi all,
> I downloaded libvirt from CVS and tried to run autogen.sh which stops
> with the following error message:
> configure: error: Xen store library not found
> What else do I need?

  At this point you need to have Xen installed, at least to be able to
compile even if you don't run it. Depending on your environment it may be
as simple as "yum install xen", or a bit more painful.

> How do I implement support for another hypervisor? Where do I have to
> turn which screws?

  Currently there is only Xen support, I'm starting to work on glue for
QEmu, but this requires first modification on QEmu and I'm working
on that. As discussed last week (see the list archive) we will need some
code refactoring to really implement access to other hypervisors/emulators.
  What do you have in mind ? 

My current plan at the moment is the following:
 1/ get pending patches from Anthony Liguori
 2/ cleanup the code base to have unified code formatting at least
 3/ provide a back-end to be able to access QEmu
 4/ based on that refactor the internals to better integrate new engines

Now if you want to help, explain what you would like to add and maybe we
can start the refactoring earlier, I just wanted to make progresses on
a different engine first before trying to redesign the internals.

  makes sense ?


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