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[Libvir] Request for additional entry points

As discussed on the xen-cim call on 3/31, the Xen CIM provider needs some additional entry points in libvirt. I would like to open a discussion about adding the following entry points to libvirt.

virDomainSetConfig(virConnectPtr conn, const char *xmlDesc)
Stores the domU config data in xenstore. The domU is not running yet but enumerating domains would return the config for the domain as well as any running domains. This would support the notion of a defined but inactive virtual machine. Daniel noted that the config could be cached in libvirt, preventing (to some degree) modifying the config out-of-band prior to activating the domain. Note that the current virConnectListDomains() implies enumerating only running domains since a list of domain IDs is returned. Perhaps virConnectListDomains() will have to be expanded to include defined domains or another entry point to enumerate defined domains.

Related would be activating a defined domain. Would clients get the domain config (via virDomainGetXMLDesc()) and subsequently pass it to virDomainCreateLinux() or another entry point to create a defined domain?

virDomainDeleteConfig(virConnectPtr conn, const char *name)
Removed domU config from xenstore (or cache). DomU no longer "exists". What if domain is active upon invocation?

virDomainSetCurrentMemory(virDomainPtr domain, unsigned long memory)
Adjust the current memory usage for a domain.

virDomainReboot(virDomainPtr domain)
Reboot the domain.

virDomainMigrate(virDomainPtr domain, const char *host)
?? Not sure what can of worms might be opened by this one :-).


BTW, I can certainly help with the effort if an agreement is reached on adding this functionality.


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