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[Libvir] Libvirt dependencies

I'm trying to write a Java wrapper around some libvirt functions using Java Native Interface (JNI). To try this out, I tried writing JNI code that invokes the getDomainInfo() function in the example program info1.c (given with the distribution).

While trying to execute the Java wrapper that invokes this C function, I encounter this error:

Inconsistency detected by ld.so: dl-deps.c: 559: _dl_map_object_deps: Assertion`map->l_searchlist.r_list[0] == map' failed!

I suspect this is due to some missing library that libvirt depends on. As part of the JNI code compilation, I'm supposed to create a shared library that includes all the dependent libraries. Currently, I'm using this command line to do that:

ld -shared -f /usr/local/lib/libvirt.so -lxenstore -lpthread -lz LibvirtWrapper.o -o libjava-libvirt.so

Here, I assume that libvirt.so and libxenstore are the only dependencies. Can someone tell me if I'm missing some other library in the above command line?

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