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Re: [Libvir] Conflict between libvirt 0.1.8 and Xen 3.0.3

On Tue, Nov 14, 2006 at 04:10:56PM +0100, Philippe Berthault wrote:
> There is a conflit between libvirt 0.1.8 and the latest release 3.0.3 of 
> Xen. With Xen 3.0.3 release, the virsh vcpuinfo command (or 
> virDomainGetVcpus API) always returns the 0 as physical CPU used by any 
> vCPU.


> The same libvirt release 0.1.8 used with an older release of Xen gives a 
> correct result.

I've just tested & can confirm same behaviour is happening for me - physical
CPU is always zero.

> I currently investigate the problem but perhaps anyone has an idea of 
> the origin of this problem.

Upstream development completely broke all the Dom0 hypercalls just
prior to Xen 3.0.3, so we had to re-write large chunks of this code
in libvirt to be able to work with 3.0.3 (and still maintain compatability
with older 3.0.2 & 3.0.1). I guess we got the VCPU bit slightly wrong
when running on 3.0.3 hypervisor.

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