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Re: [Libvir] virDomainGetInfo returns a false result on IA64 systems

In Xen-unstable (future Xen 3.0.3), the page size has been added in the "xm info" command:
xen_pagesize : 16384

I think that this big problem can't be easily resolved in libvirt while Xen 3.0.3 isn't delivered. Perhaps, a temporary solution would be to consider page size as 16 KB on IA64 ?

Philippe Berthault a écrit :
The maxMem and memory fields of the virDomainInfo structure are false on IA64 systems.

The problem is in xen_internal.c at lines 1530,1531:
   info->memory = XEN_GETDOMAININFO_TOT_PAGES(dominfo) * 4;
   info->maxMem = XEN_GETDOMAININFO_MAX_PAGES(dominfo) * 4;

It's assumed that page size is 4 KB (* 4) but this isn't correct on a IA64 system where the page size is variable.

I haven't checked but I suppose this bug exists also with the virDomainGetMaxMemory and virDomainSetMaxMemory functions.


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