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Re: [Libvir] Re: [PATCH] allocate virBuffer* routines

On Tue, Apr 24, 2007 at 09:48:09PM +0900, S.Sakamoto wrote:
> Hi, Daniel
> > I can't help thinking this method 
> > would be better off using the dyn allocated virBuffer* routines instead
> > of a static string & snprintf.
> Oops, sorry, 
> virBuffer* routines had entirely slipped my mind.
> Buffer is allocated dynamically when I use this.
> therefore, I make the patch which virBuffer* routines is in.

  Cool, way better :-) , and honnestly the buffer based code is
more readable.
  Applied and commited,

> +    buf.content = malloc(1000);
> +    if (buf.content == NULL)
> +        return -1;

  Except here where I changed it to raise an error:
    if (buf.content == NULL) {
	virXendError(xend, VIR_ERR_NO_MEMORY, _("allocate new buffer"));
	return -1;

(did the same for urlencode a few lines down too)

   Thanks a lot !


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