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Re: [Libvir] PATCH: Improve performance on Xen

Daniel P. Berrange wrote:
The Xen implementations of


all have sub-optimal performance since they speak to XenD. The lookupXXX
functions all basically require 3 pieces of info in the end (name,id,uuid).
They each get given one piece & have to lookup the other piece.

Every running domain has to have an entry in XenStore on /local/domain/N
where 'N' is the id. Under this location there is always a 'name' field.
So if we have the id we can efficiently get the name. I just realized that
the getdomaininfo hypercall struct contains the uuid and id. So for the
ByID and ByUUID calls we can get all the info we need with a hypercall and
a read of xenstore. This is very efficient compared to hitting XenD.

As of Xen 3.1.0 hypervisor the flags in the getdomaininfo hypercall struct
also mark whether the guest is HVM vs paraivrt, so we can also implement
the GetOSType api with a single hypercall.

That just leaves the ByName impl. The only way I can think of doing this
is to scan /local/domain/N  in xenstore until we find it. I'm going to try
this, but I'm not convinced it'll be any significantly than talking to XenD.
I may be surprised though.

Any for the 3 improvements I have done, the 'virsh dominfo' call has improved
when using either ID or UUID:

Create a set of UUIDs & IDs

 # for i in `seq 1 500` ; do echo dominfo 73 ; done > ids.txt
 # for i in `seq 1 500` ; do echo dominfo 8f07fe28-753f-2729-d76d-bdbd892f949a ; done > uuids.txt

Now before measurements:

# time ./virsh < ids.txt > /dev/null real 0m17.317s
  user    0m0.144s
  sys     0m0.164s

# time ./virsh < uuids.txt > /dev/null real 0m14.432s
  user    0m0.236s
  sys     0m0.460s

Against the after measurements:

# time ./virsh < demo.txt > /dev/null real 0m0.259s
  user    0m0.100s
  sys     0m0.072s

# time ./virsh < demo.txt > /dev/null real 0m0.482s
  user    0m0.324s
  sys     0m0.108s

A pretty good speedup really considering how frequently these calls are
made if you're monitoring domains frequently.



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