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Re: [Libvir] save/restore support for KVM

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the quick reply.  Things seem to be working well now,

Main changes from last time:

- Fixed issues with the QEMU monitor interface: 
  - Due to the TTY layer, sending "\n" to the qemu monitor translates
    into "\r\n" when received.  This triggers a bug in older versions
    of QEMU (KVM <= 33) because the same command is executed twice,
    and still has problems with fixed QEMU because the "(qemu)" prompt
    is printed twice.  Switch all monitor commands to end with "\r"
    which avoids both issues.
  - The QEMU monitor sends frequent terminal escape sequences,
    typically \033[D and \033[K.  At times, these interfere with the
    prompt detection when they get sent between "\n" and "(qemu) ".
    Fix the issue by filtering out these sequences when they are

- Migration data is fed to QEMU via stdin rather than with a filename.
  This allows us to feed it just the data it needs.  With this and
  the monitor fixes, I think save/restore should now work with 
  KVM <= 33, as a nice side effect.

- Fixed quoting issues.  Since the filename is passed to the shell in
  single quotes, the filename just needs to have ' replaced with '\'' .
  Also, the QEMU monitor itself requires that we use escape sequences
  \r, \n, \", and \\ for the corresponding characters.

- New save file format, with header, XML, migration stream.
  Like Xen, the saved image starts with a 16-byte magic, in this case

- The paused/running state of the VM before saving is stored in the
  save file, and the restored VM is put into the same state. 
  I can remove this and just unconditionally resume the machine 
  as mentioned earlier, but being able to restore paused is very
  useful especially for testing without disk snapshots.

    resume test
    save test /tmp/test
    restore /tmp/test      -> starts resumed
    suspend test
    save test /tmp/test
    restore /tmp/test      -> starts suspended

  (As before, the VM is still always paused as part of the migration

- Refuses to restore if the name or UUID is already active.

Since it's getting a bit large I've split the patches up and will
send them as replies to this message.


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