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[Libvir] [PATCH 0/7] QEMU/KVM save/restore support, take 3

Here's take 3 of the QEMU/KVM save/restore support.  Thanks for your

Changes since last time:

- Remove escape sequence filtering, it's not necessary.

- Clean up stdin handling in virExec, use -1 to signify unused

- Add signal-safe read/write wrappers that handle EINTR and use them.

- Add version and padding to image header, and check version on restore.

- Include null-termination in XML data & length

- Show name of conflicting domain in error message

Everything seems to work well in my tests.  I've run into a few rare
cases where the migration doesn't work correctly (causing segfaults in
the guest, or kvm to crash), but it's not libvirt's fault, and libvirt
handles the failures well.
(I suspect it's related to


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