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[Libvir] Networking functions in libvirt


I am now starting to investigate the networking driver callback
functions in libvirt.
struct _virNetworkDriver {
   virDrvOpen          open;
   virDrvClose         close;
   virDrvNumOfNetworks     numOfNetworks;
   virDrvListNetworks      listNetworks;
   virDrvNumOfDefinedNetworks  numOfDefinedNetworks;
   virDrvListDefinedNetworks   listDefinedNetworks;
   virDrvNetworkLookupByUUID   networkLookupByUUID;
   virDrvNetworkLookupByName   networkLookupByName;
   virDrvNetworkCreateXML      networkCreateXML;
   virDrvNetworkDefineXML      networkDefineXML;
   virDrvNetworkUndefine       networkUndefine;
   virDrvNetworkCreate     networkCreate;
   virDrvNetworkDestroy        networkDestroy;
   virDrvNetworkDumpXML        networkDumpXML;
   virDrvNetworkGetBridgeName  networkGetBridgeName;
   virDrvNetworkGetAutostart   networkGetAutostart;
   virDrvNetworkSetAutostart   networkSetAutostart;

My question is from the point of view of the Virtual Manager GUI.

From the controls available in the GUI, what actions are intended
to be done, via the network callback functions?

Are the actions only client related?  Create a vnet, vdisk, etc?

Or are they also intended for server actions, create a switch service,
disk service, etc?

There is no example in the test.c program, so I don't have any example
to look at.

Also, is there any documentation describing the network callback functions?


-Bruce Evans
Sun Microsystems
Systems Virtualization

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