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Re: [Libvir] [PATCH] Block device and network stats (version 2)

Mindaugas Kiznis wrote:
- Aren't "xdr_remote_domain_interface_stats_ret" and "xdr_remote_domain_interface_stats_args" functions missing in the patch? As I understand, those should be in qemud/remote_protocol.c. Repesctively, qemud/remote_protocol.h changes are missing too.

I usually omit changes to qemud/remote_protocol.[ch] and qemud/remote_dispatch_*.h files since these files are automatically generated from the single source file qemud/remote_protocol.x. If I were to include those generated files in the patch it would make the patch much larger and harder to understand.

To rebuild them, do:

  rm -f qemud/remote_protocol.[ch] qemud/remote_dispatch_*.h
  make -C qemud remote_protocol.c
  make -C qemud all     # ignore the error

Then you should be able to autogen.sh / make clean / make all install as usual.


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