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Re: [Libvir] feature sujestions

On Thu, 2007-08-23 at 13:17 -0400, Daniel Veillard wrote:
>    I agree we need something along those lines, and IMHO if they are more
> comfortable using point and click, I guess they would also prefer have
> automatic discovery of where cobbler was installed. Do we have (or could
> add) avahi support for discovery of the service. If most install options
> could be centralized (think like an automatic setup template based for
> example on the user LDAP info), provisioning for a new user could come
> as simple an UI as:
>     "A centralized setting si available, pick one of the OSes"
>       "Fedora 7"
>       "Fedora 6"
>       "Centos 5"
>       ...
> maybe even the processor count and memory size could be defaulted
> from the centalized profiles.

Along the same lines: enhance virt-manager to support deploying virtual
machine images based on virt-image and its XML image format. There are
lots of possible ways in which this could go, for example:

      * Focus on UI, build VM's based on images stored locally/in a
        fixed directory
      * Build above out to download images from a central server (or any
        webserver, which would aid in distribution of images)
      * Freeze an existing/running VM into an image
      * p2v migration that takes a physical installation and produces a
        VM image (even something simple that just scrapes bits off disk
        and packages them w/o worrying too much about device
        complications would be really valuable)
      * Tracking of image/machine association (think template images for
        a development group that they can 'check out' and use)


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