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[Libvir] --without-*

Hi all,

Merging up to 0.3.2 on Solaris finally..  I had a couple of things on my list
of hacked patches, and not being a configure expert  I figured I would
ask here...

How hard it is to change the config logic to account for the various


  o ./Makefile.in -  SUBDIRS shouldn't include qemud
  o ./src/Makefile.in
      o am__objects_1 shouldn't include:
         o libvirt_la-bridge.lo
         o libvirt_la-iptables.lo
         o libvirt_la-qemu_driver.lo
         o libvirt_la-qemu_conf.lo
     o client sources, build rules, etc for the above.

--without-test (Incuding srcs, rules, etc)
    o libvirt_la-test.lo, etc...

--without-xen (Incuding srcs, rules, etc)
    o libvirt_la-xen_internal.lo
    o libvirt_la-xs_internal.lo
    o libvirt_la-xend_internal.lo

--without-remote (Incuding srcs, rules, etc)
    o libvirt_la-remote_internal.lo
    o am_libvirt_la_OBJECTS shouldn't include am__objects_2

One other thing I was curious about... I noticed the remote code
uses remote_protocol* out of the ./qemud dir..  I was just curious if
I should expect that to move somewhere else soon, or if you were
going to leave it there?



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