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Re: [Libvir] --without-*

On Thu, Aug 30, 2007 at 04:44:39PM -0400, Mark Johnson wrote:
> Hi all,
> Merging up to 0.3.2 on Solaris finally..  I had a couple of things on my list
> of hacked patches, and not being a configure expert  I figured I would
> ask here...

NB, even if you merely want to use Xen guests, you still need to have the
QEMU driver available because it provides the impl of the networking APIs
which is shared between both QEMU & Xen. 

> How hard it is to change the config logic to account for the various
> --without's.

The way the --withouts are implemented currently is that the body of each
file is #ifdef'd. Slightly sucky to be honest - it would be better to
put the logic in the Makefile.am, just adjusting the list ofsource files
which are built as you suggest

> --without-qemu,
>   o ./Makefile.in -  SUBDIRS shouldn't include qemud

Actaully the qemud directory has nothing todo with QEMU anymore - its only
the generic daemon code now. We didn't rename it since the source code dir
name is merely a cosmetic thing & its better to keep CVS history intact.

>   o ./src/Makefile.in
>       o am__objects_1 shouldn't include:
>          o libvirt_la-bridge.lo
>          o libvirt_la-iptables.lo
>          o libvirt_la-qemu_driver.lo
>          o libvirt_la-qemu_conf.lo
>      o client sources, build rules, etc for the above.
> --without-test (Incuding srcs, rules, etc)
>     o libvirt_la-test.lo, etc...
> --without-xen (Incuding srcs, rules, etc)
>     o libvirt_la-xen_internal.lo
>     o libvirt_la-xs_internal.lo
>     o libvirt_la-xend_internal.lo
> --without-remote (Incuding srcs, rules, etc)
>     o libvirt_la-remote_internal.lo
>     o am_libvirt_la_OBJECTS shouldn't include am__objects_2
> One other thing I was curious about... I noticed the remote code
> uses remote_protocol* out of the ./qemud dir..  I was just curious if
> I should expect that to move somewhere else soon, or if you were
> going to leave it there?

Going to say in place, unless we ever switch to non-CVS scm which can do
renames while preserving history.

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