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Re: [Libvir] testing libvirtd: don't hard-code $HOME/.libvirt/libvirt-sock

Jim Meyering wrote:
I've written a test to exercise libvirtd a little.
Unfortunately, if I'm already running libvirtd, that test fails
and I can't do anything about it:

  $ ./libvirtd & ./libvirtd
  Failed to bind socket to '@/j/.libvirt/libvirt-sock': Address already in use
  [Exit 2]

Any objection to providing an option to libvirtd that specifies
that directory (also used to form server->logDir)?

It feels like it should come from the config file, but I haven't
looked at details yet.

Yes it should be possible to set these, but isn't at the moment. Check out qemud/qemud.c function qemudInitPaths.

Another possibility is to have libvirtd running as root, and libvirtd running as you, in which case they _shouldn't_ clash ...


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