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Re: [Libvir] using gnulib: starting with the physmem and getaddrinfo modules

More modules we could use (all for MinGW / Windows):

	-	-	-

 - vasprintf

    For asprintf which we use all over the place.

 - gettext

MinGW lacks <libintl.h> and any gettext function. I thought that gettextize was supposed to supply all the code needed to implement these? Anyhow, it doesn't seem to.

 - strndup & strsep

    Non-standard functions, used all over.

 - fcntl [LGPLv3]

    The gnulib one fixes all the flags which are missing from Windows

 - sys_stat

    As above, but for S_* (Unix modes) macros

 - readlink [LGPLv3]

This explicitly acts as a substitute for this system call on MinGW, according to the documentation anyway.

  - poll

Only applicable if we want to build libvirtd on Windows, which isn't very useful at the moment.

	-	-	-

The above would fix about 80-90% of the porting problems with MinGW, enabling us to have a natively compiled Windows binary and DLL.

All of the modules mentioned above are 'LGPLv2' except where mentioned. I haven't checked the dependencies in detail however.


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