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Re: [Libvir] libvirt and dnsmasq question

jack snodgrass wrote:
I have Fedora 8 witch contains:

This version of libvirt automatically starts a copy of dnsmasq if it exists.

Is there a way to specify a dnsmasq.conf file that this will use or specify
command line options for dnsmasq when it is started? There are dnsmasq
options and config changes that I'd like to specify but I can't figure out
where this would be done. libvirt does not use the /etc/dnsmasq.conf file
or start dnsmasq using the normal init scripts.

No there isn't ... deliberately.

'dnsmasq' is just used for NAT and DHCP purposes on the virtual network (bridge) that we create. This network is described solely by XML in the network description (try: ``virsh net-dumpxml default''). In future we might choose another approach instead of dnsmasq, although it's not very likely.

If there's a particular feature that you want -- eg. using fixed IP addresses in DHCP, or port forwarding -- then please request it here, or even better post a patch.


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