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Re: [Libvir] [PATCH] fix compilation if readline lib is not available

Daniel Veillard wrote:
  The current CVS code doesn't compile on RHEL5/F6 because readline lib
there require ncurses, and we removed that check earlier. Sor we find
the readline headers but the lib is not found. Unfortunately virsh.c
tests the availablility of the header to use readline, and link time failures
follow. The patch below:
   - exports a READLINE_CFLAGS from configure if used
   - use the READLINE_CFLAGS when compiling virsh.c
   - change virsh.c to rely on this instead of the header test
   - adds a message about readline usage at the end of configure

    configure: Miscellaneous
configure: configure: Debug: no
    configure:   Readline: yes
Another patch available soon should fix the readline library detection itself,



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