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Re: [Libvir] Latest MinGW patch

I should have added, opinions welcome on the following issues in particular:

* MSYS lacks gettext support. What I'm doing at the moment is to test for <libintl.h> and there's a bunch of conditional code like this:

 #define _(str) dgettext(GETTEXT_PACKAGE, (str))
 #define N_(str) dgettext(GETTEXT_PACKAGE, (str))
+#define _(str) (str)
+#define N_(str) (str)

and this:

     if (!bindtextdomain(GETTEXT_PACKAGE, LOCALEBASEDIR))
         return (-1);

What's the right way to solve the above?

* What should virNodeInfo return in the 'model' field if there is no easy way to get the architecture. As it stands I return a zero-length string.

* proxy_internal is now disabled if configured --without-xen. I _think_ this is the right thing to do, by the argument that the Xen proxy driver will only communicate with a local Xen proxy daemon, but there can be no such daemon on Windows.

* Can someone suggest a Windows ONCRPC implementation which works well under MSYS? The one I'm using is problematic (if necessary I'll just revert to the Cygwin implementation and make that compile under MSYS, but if someone can suggest one which already works, then that'll save me time).


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