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Re: [Libvir] C bindings

On Mon, Dec 10, 2007 at 01:06:38PM +0530, Katti, Vadiraj (STSD-Openview) wrote:
>    Hi All,
>    I'm  new  to Xen world and am in the process of collecting performance
>    information of various guests from dom0. Can somebody help me out with
>    these problems.
>    1. I downloaded libvirt-0.3.3 src and did a 'make' and I'm seeing this
>    problem.
>    xen_internal.c: In function 'xenHypervisorDomainGetOSType':
>    xen_internal.c:2711:  error:  'DOMFLAGS_HVM'  undeclared (first use in
>    this function)
>    xen_internal.c:2711:  error:  (Each  undeclared identifier is reported
>    only once

  DOMFLAGS_HVM is defined in xen_internal.c please check why the definition
in the file ended up not being found, that's a mystery to me.

>    2.  I  want  to know what are the rpm that the Xen server must have to
>    pull out the performance data of various guests.
>    3. My Xen server now has these rpms :
>     # rpm -qa |grep libvirt
>            libvirt-0.2.0-0.16
>            libvirt-python-0.2.0-0.16

  you need libvirt-0.3.3 or something based on CVS version. Also make sure
you don't have outdated Xen versions too.

>    document  which  says how I can compile my c-program using libvirt ? I
>    tried running info1 example in debug mode and I get this error :

  Your installed version of libvirt is too old. update, then start
the daemon, then retry

>    4. what is libvirt_proxy ? What is its use ?

  Allows to do some access as non-root.


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