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Re: [Libvir] More queries

Katti, Vadiraj (STSD-Openview) wrote:
     I've more quries on libvirt apis:
	1. Is there any API in libvirt that gives me the uptime of the

No there isn't, unfortunately. Best you can do is to tell how much CPU time a guest has used.

I suspect this information is not available from the Xen hypervisor. If it is, then we ought to expose it where possible.

	2. Can I know how many physical CPUs are dedicated to a VM or if
they are shared.

Yes you can tell this by using the terribly complicated 'virDomainGetVcpus' function. Read the manual page _very_ carefully for this one :-(

virt-top uses this function to display the % used and mapping of VCPUs to PCPUs in real time, so you might find playing with virt-top and looking at the code useful:

	3. How do I know the logical cpu consumption of the guests( from
dom0 using libvirt obviously).

This is sort of possible. See this page for discussion and limitations of the current API:


	4. Can get the ip address of each of the guests with any of the

No. Guests can send out packets from their interface using any IP address they want. By convention it's normally set up so that guests get an IP address from a DHCP server, but that's only a convention, not required. Imagine rephrasing the question as "Can I get the IP address of each machine on my LAN?".


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