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[Libvir] Release of libvirt-0.4.0

  A new release is available from ftp://libvirt.org/libvirt/ 
We ddin;t had a release since the end of September and the logs
below shows it, in retrospect I should have done an intermediate release
around mid November. There is so much new code that it makes sense to
bump the minor version:

* New features:
 - Compilation on Windows cygwin/mingw (Richard Jones)
 - Ruby bindings (David Lutterkort)
 - SASL based authentication for libvirt remote support (Daniel Berrange)
 - PolicyKit authentication (Daniel Berrange)
* Documentation:
 - example files for QEMU and libvirtd configuations (Daniel Berrange)
 - english cleanups (Jim Paris)
 - CIM and OpenVZ references
 - document <shareable/>
 - daemon startup when using QEMU/KVM
 - document HV support for new NUMA calls (Richard Jones)
 - various english fixes (Bruce Montague)
 - OCaml docs links (Richard Jones)
 - describe the various bindings add Ruby link
 - Windows support page (Richard Jones)
 - authentication documentation updates (Daniel Berrange)
* Bug fixes:
 - NUMA topology error handling (Beth Kon)
 - NUMA topology cells without CPU (Beth Kon)
 - XML to/from XM bridge config (Daniel Berrange)
 - XM processing of vnc parameters (Daniel Berrange)
 - Reset migration source after failure (Jim Paris)
 - negative integer in config (Tatsuro Enokura)
 - zero terminating string buffer
 - detect integer overflow (Jim Meyering)
 - QEmu command line ending fixes (Daniel Berrange)
 - recursion problem in the daemon (Daniel Berrange)
 - HVM domain with CDRom (Masayuki Sunou)
 - off by one error in NUMA cpu count (Beth Kon)
 - avoid xend errors when adding disks (Masayuki Sunou)
 - compile error (Chris Lalancette)
 - transposed fwrite args (Jim Meyering)
 - compile without xen and on solaris (Jim Paris)
 - parsing of interface names (Richard Jones)
 - overflow for starts on 32bits (Daniel Berrange)
 - fix problems in error reporting (Saori Fukuta)
 - wrong call to brSetForwardDelay changed to brSetEnableSTP (Richard Jones)
 - allow shareable disk in old Xen
 - fix wrong certificate file (Jim Meyering)
 - avoid some startup error when non-root
 - off-by-1 buffer NULL termination (Daniel Berrange)
 - various string allocation fixes (Daniel Berrange)
 - avoid problems with vnetXXX interfaces in domain dumps (Daniel Berrange)
 - build fixes for RHEL (Daniel Berrange)
 - virsh prompt should not depend on uid (Richard Jones)
 - fix scaping of '<' (Richard Jones)
 - fix detach-disk on Xen tap devices (Saori Fukuta)
 - CPU parameter setting in XM config (Saori Fukuta)
 - credential handling fixes (Daniel Berrange)
 - fix compatibility with Xen 3.2.0 (Daniel Berrange)
* Improvements:
 - /etc/libvirt/qemu.conf configuration for QEMU driver (Daniel Berrange)
 - NUMA cpu pinning in config files (DV and Saori Fukuta)
 - CDRom media change in KVM/QEMU (Daniel Berrange)
 - tests for <shareable/> in configs
 - pinning inactive domains for Xen 3.0.3 (Saori Fukuta)
 - use gnulib for portability enhancement (Jim Meyering)
 - --without-libvirtd config option (Richard Jones)
 - Python bindings for NUMA
 - add extra utility functions to buffer (Richard Jones)
 - separate qparams module for handling query parameters (Richard Jones)
* Code cleanups:
 - remove virDomainRestart from API as it was never used (Richard Jones)
 - constify params for attach/detach APIs (Daniel Berrange)
 - gcc printf attribute checkings (Jim Meyering)
 - refactoring of device parsing code and shell escaping (Daniel Berrange)
 - virsh schedinfo parameters validation (Masayuki Sunou)
 - Avoid risk of format string abuse (Jim Meyering)
 - integer parsing cleanups (Jim Meyering)
 - build out of the source tree (Jim Meyering)
 - URI parsing refactoring (Richard Jones)
 - failed strdup/malloc handling (Jim Meyering)
 - Make "make distcheck" work (Jim Meyering)
 - improve xen internall error reports (Richard Jones)
 - cleanup of the daemon remote code (Daniel Berrange)
 - rename error VIR_FROM_LINUX to VIR_FROM_STATS_LINUX (Richard Jones)
 - don't compile the proxy if without Xen (Richard Jones)
 - fix paths when configuring for /usr prefix
 - improve error reporting code (Jim Meyering)
 - detect heap allocation failure (Jim Meyering)
 - disable xen sexpr parsing code if Xen is disabled (Daniel Berrange)
 - cleanup of the GetType entry point for Xen drivers
 - move some QEmu path handling to generic module (Daniel Berrange)
 - many code cleanups related to the Windows port (Richard Jones)
 - disable the proxy if using PolicyKit (Daniel Berrange)
 - readline availability detection
 - test libvirtd's config-processing code (Jim Meyering)
 - use a variable name as sizeof argument (Jim Meyering)

  Thanks to everybody who helped for this release, by providing feedback,
documentation, patches, etc. !


Red Hat Virtualization group http://redhat.com/virtualization/
Daniel Veillard      | virtualization library  http://libvirt.org/
veillard redhat com  | libxml GNOME XML XSLT toolkit  http://xmlsoft.org/
http://veillard.com/ | Rpmfind RPM search engine  http://rpmfind.net/

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