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Re: [Libvir] Libvirt version

Katti, Vadiraj (STSD-Openview) wrote:
   Currently the latest version of libvirt available is 0.3.3. But SLES
10 ships 0.2.0 version of libvirt (not sure what version RHEL 5.1
ships). Any idea when and on what basis SLES decides to ship the
upgraded version of libvirt.

Sorry, in general we wouldn't know about SLES. It's up to the individual distros to package up libvirt. Which version and how often they will update it, is left up to them.

There is a spec file in the source distribution (almost the same as the one used by Fedora), and presumably you can also get the spec file for the SLES package. This should allow you to make your own libvirt package.

Additionally if you want to produce a binary which can be dynamically linked against old or new versions of libvirt, where an old version of libvirt might be missing a function (eg. virDomainBlockStats introduced in 0.3.2), then you can use weak symbols. This is what virt-top does, so that the virt-top binary works against any libvirt >= 0.2.1, even though it uses (or tries to use) some functions which didn't exist in the earlier versions. To find out how to do this, take a look at:



(starting around line 51).

Also note that if you want to know what feature is in what version of libvirt, then this page should tell you: http://libvirt.org/hvsupport.html


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