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AW: [Libvir] Re: Documentation on the xml format

> > I want extend the java-libvirt implementation based on the code of
> > István Tóth. Therefore, I created a XSD file (XML description file).
> > This could be a base for the XML-documentation.

> > Should I post it ?
> Certainly!

I create a small xmlbeans based XSD/XML validator and give it a WebCFG
Frontend. You can access it via http://public.dtnet.de/webcfg

I insert my base XSD file as a template to the frontend. Also a small
XML-file is available as a template.

Please feel free to modify/change the XSD by copy/paste your files to
the webform.

> There's also a (slightly out of date now)  RelaxNG schema here:
>    http://libvirt.org/libvirt.rng
Maybe someone who knows the the current schema can modify the XSD file ...

> The 'http://libvirt.org/format.html' page was useful in the beginning as a
> gentle introduction to the domain XML, but I feel we need to provide a formal
> reference of all elements & attributes we support. I wonder if Daniel has
> some magic to auto-generate a nice HTML reference based on embedded docs in
> a schema file....

Beside of the html-docu there should be a formal validator...



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