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Re: [Libvir] Features and roadmap tentative draft

Daniel Veillard wrote:
  We had a meeting this week in the Red Hat team and looked at the
work ahead for libvirt. We identified a set of feature that we would
like to get in, the time frame (mostly based on Fedora releases schedules)
and tried to identify remaining issues:

Features        when        Issues
KEmu & KVM FC7 Wire API , the way the process is controlled mid feb will probably change, but requires QEmu upstream
                            extensions of the monitor
remote access   FC8         Naming (URIs), Authentication and wire protocol
                            inetd hook, XML format slight change for dhcp
Virtual Network FC7         Sharing QEmu, root priviledge for the daemon
Migration       FC8         API design
Access Control  ???         depends on Xen Security Module, KVM equivalent
Storage         ???         Early concept, will be discussed separately
                            on the mailing-list
Sync virsh shutdown FC7     Easy to add in virsh

I expect to make a new libvirt release with the KEmu and KVM support as
well as a first version of the virtual network support next week. Then
the focus will be on remote support and adding migration to the API.

I've just posted a similar list for virt-manager to et-mgmt-tools redhat com Any of you who are interested in knowing about virt-manager future plans or contributing to virt-manager development, please subscribe at


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