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Re: [Libvir] [patch 9/9] Implement better error reporting

oneMark McLoughlin wrote:
Add a qemudLog() function which uses syslog() if we're in
daemon mode, doesn't output INFO/DEBUG messages unless
the verbose flag is set and doesn't output DEBUG messages
unless compiled with --enable-debug.

You're all gonna hate this I know, but libvirtd handles syslog by forking an external logger(1) process. Messages sent to stderr go to syslog. This is partly necessary because the SunRPC code within glibc is a bit too happy to send debug messages to stderr & nowhere else.

The brief code snippet to enable this is below (and note my original patch which you can also find on this list enables a test for LOGGER in autoconf):

#ifdef LOGGER
        /* Send stderr to syslog using logger.  It's a lot simpler
         * to do this.  Note that SunRPC in glibc prints lots of
         * gumf to stderr and it'd be a load of work to change that.
        int fd[2];
        if (pipe (fd) == -1) {
            perror ("pipe");
            exit (2);
        int pid = fork ();
        if (pid == -1) {
            perror ("fork");
            exit (2);
        if (pid == 0) {         /* Child - logger. */
            const char *args[] = {
                "logger", "-tlibvirtd", "-p", "daemon.notice", NULL
            close (fd[1]);
            dup2 (fd[0], 0);
            close (fd[0]);
            execv (LOGGER, (char *const *) args);
            perror ("execv");
            _exit (1);
        close (fd[0]);
        dup2 (fd[1], 2);
        close (fd[1]);


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