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[Libvir] Proposal: libvirt should remove or rename a save file after a successful restore

Chris Lalancette found this problem:


Once an "xm restore" has successfully completed, the -save file that it came from should really be deleted. Restoring a domain a second time from the same save file will result in disk corruption; the kernel VM state (in the saved file) will be in an inconsistent state with respect to what is actually on disk (in the domain disk file). The only valid use I can see for the -save file after a restore is possibly for some crash analysis, but even that could be worked around by renaming the save file after a success. In particular, I just ran into this situation (and I'm worried customers might do the same): [and then he goes on to describe a scenario in which you can commonly hit this situation]

So the obvious and simple solution, it seems to me, is just to change libvirt.c:virDomainRestore so that if the driver underneath it returns from the restore without error, then we either remove or rename the restore file.

It's a trivial patch -- what do people think?

My thoughts:
* Removing the file might seem quite abrupt/unexpected, and there is the possibility of data loss. * You have to rename the file as a hidden file (dotfile) in order for xendomains to ignore it. However these files are big and having large, hidden files which build up in number over time sounds like it could be a bad thing.
* This might be considered a significant behaviour change.
* It's easier to handle this for the remote case if we make the change inside libvirt, rather than in virsh etc.


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