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[Libvir] Some doubts for OpenVZ


I have some basic doubts.

1. The OpenVZ system has one config file per VM which contains all the
VM's parameters. So, during libvirt start-up, these files can be read,
or openvz utils can be popened() to get information regarding these VMs.
Is there a necessity to have per-vm config files in libvirt for the
OpenVZ VMs? I understand UUIDs are used to identify each of the running
VMs. Where will these values persist? Can I do away with UUIDs for
OpenVZ and avoid the libvirt specific config file?

2. In OpenVZ, there is just a VPS ID/Name. There is no temporary
reference like 'id'. For example QEMU is using the process PID. There is
no such notion for OpenVZ. In that case, can I make 'name' and 'id' same
for OpenVZ?


Shuveb Hussain

Unix is very user friendly. It is just a 
little choosy about who its friends are

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