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Re: [Libvir] Some doubts for OpenVZ

Shuveb Hussain wrote:
Looks like the libvirt config file for openvz will contain nothing else
but the UUIDs. This is definitely going to look weird!

Is it possible to put the UUID into a comment in the ordinary OpenVZ file? (Or in some part of the file that OpenVZ will ignore) That will keep the UUID and other stuff together.

2. In OpenVZ, there is just a VPS ID/Name. There is no temporary
reference like 'id'. For example QEMU is using the process PID. There is
no such notion for OpenVZ. In that case, can I make 'name' and 'id' same
for OpenVZ?
What is VPS ID/Name?  Is it a string?  Number?

ID is an int and the name is a string. Earlier OpenVZ only had the VPS
IDs. Now it has both ID and name. The name I guess is optional. But
commonly people only use the ID, which is a number. Once assigned to a
VPS, it is there till the VPS is destroyed. It is not like a PID.

Sounds a bit like a PID to me, but yes I think you should use the OpenVZ ID for the libvirt domain ID.


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