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Re: [Libvir] Some doubts for OpenVZ

> Is it possible to put the UUID into a comment in the ordinary OpenVZ 
> file?  (Or in some part of the file that OpenVZ will ignore)  That will 
> keep the UUID and other stuff together.

Brilliant idea! This should work.

> >>> 2. In OpenVZ, there is just a VPS ID/Name. There is no temporary
> >>> reference like 'id'. For example QEMU is using the process PID. There is
> >>> no such notion for OpenVZ. In that case, can I make 'name' and 'id' same
> >>> for OpenVZ?
> >> What is VPS ID/Name?  Is it a string?  Number?
> > 
> > ID is an int and the name is a string. Earlier OpenVZ only had the VPS
> > IDs. Now it has both ID and name. The name I guess is optional. But
> > commonly people only use the ID, which is a number. Once assigned to a
> > VPS, it is there till the VPS is destroyed. It is not like a PID.
> Sounds a bit like a PID to me, but yes I think you should use the OpenVZ 
> ID for the libvirt domain ID.

Yeah. That is how it looks now.

Shuveb Hussain

Unix is very user friendly. It is just a 
little choosy about who its friends are

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