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Re: [Libvir] XML escaping patch

Daniel Veillard wrote:
+ * virBufferEscapeString:
+ * @buf:  the buffer to dump
+ * @format: a printf like format string but with only one %s parameter
+ * @str:  the string argument which need to be escaped
+ *
+ * Do a formatted print with a single string to an XML buffer. The string
+ * is escaped to avoid generating a not well-formed XML instance.
+ *
+ * Returns 0 successful, -1 in case of internal or API error.
+ */
+virBufferEscapeString(virBufferPtr buf, const char *format, const char *str)

I spent a bit of time pondering if it would be possible to either make this call type-safe, or else handle arbitrary format strings. I'm not sure I can see a good way to do either, so in the meantime, +1.


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