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[Libvir] Release of libvirt-0.3.0

  Considering the amount of changes available in CVS, a release was in
order plus increasing the minor release number was also making sense.
  The package is available at

The main change is the secure remote support at the API level thanks to
Richard Jones, look at the specific page to get informations on what
is available and how to set up the certificates needed for authentication:
it's worth also looking at the URI documentation to see how to build the
connection URI strings

Last thing, the background daemon has been renamed between versions 0.2.3
and the current version from libvirt_qemud to libvirtd since it now also serve
for the remote support, so when upgrading the package it's a good idea
to stop first the libvirt service, do the upgrade and then restart the service
otherwise you may end up with a old version of the daemon running.

This release includes a lot of changes:
+ Secure Remote support (Richard Jones).
  See the remote page  of the documentation
+ Documentation:
 - remote support (Richard Jones)
 - description of the URI connection strings (Richard Jones)
 - update of virsh man page
 - matrix of libvirt API/hypervisor support with version
   informations (Richard Jones)
+ Bug fixes:
 - examples Makefile.am generation (Richard Jones)
 - SetMem fix (Mark Johnson)
 - URI handling and ordering of drivers (Daniel Berrange)
 - fix virsh help without hypervisor (Richard Jones)
 - id marshalling fix (Daniel Berrange)
 - fix virConnectGetMaxVcpus on remote (Richard Jones)
 - avoid a realloc leak (Jim Meyering)
 - scheduler parameters handling for Xen (Richard Jones)
 - various early remote bug fixes (Richard Jones)
 - remove virsh leaks of domains references (Masayuki Sunou)
 - configCache refill bug (Richard Jones)
 - fix XML serialization bugs
+ Improvements:
 - QEmu switch to XDR-based protocol (Dan Berrange)
 - device attach/detach commands (Masayuki Sunou)
 - OCaml bindings (Richard Jones)
 - new entry points virDomainGetConnect and virNetworkGetConnect
   useful for bindings (Richard Jones)
 - reunitifaction of remote and qemu daemon under a single libvirtd with
   a config file (Daniel Berrange)
+ Cleanups:
 - parsing of connection URIs (Richard Jones)
 - messages from virsh (Saori Fukuta)
 - Coverage files (Daniel Berrange)
 - Solaris fixes (Mark Johnson)
 - avoid [r]index calls (Richard Jones)
 - release information in Xen backend
 - virsh cpupin command cleanups (Masayuki Sunou)
 - xen:/// suppport as standard Xen URI (Richard Jones and Daniel Berrange)
 - improve driver selection/decline mechanism (Richard Jones)
 - error reporting on XML dump (Richard Jones)
 - Remove unused virDomainKernel structure (Richard Jones)
 - daemon event loop event handling (Daniel Berrange)
 - various unifications cleanup in the daemon merging (Daniel Berrange)
 - internal file and timer monitoring API (Daniel Berrange)
 - remove libsysfs dependancy
 - call brctl program directly (Daniel Berrange)
 - virBuffer functions cleanups (Richard Jones)
 - make init script LSB compliant
 - error handling on lookup functions (Richard Jones)
 - remove internal virGetDomainByID (Richard Jones)
 - revamp of xen subdrivers interfaces (Richard Jones)
+ Localization updates

  Thanks to everybody who helped for this release, with code, bug reports
or suggestions !


Red Hat Virtualization group http://redhat.com/virtualization/
Daniel Veillard      | virtualization library  http://libvirt.org/
veillard redhat com  | libxml GNOME XML XSLT toolkit  http://xmlsoft.org/
http://veillard.com/ | Rpmfind RPM search engine  http://rpmfind.net/

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